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"Working with Jennifer has been seamless. As a co-writer, she is second to none – brilliant at not only capturing an author’s voice, but doing so with nuance and sensitivity. What’s more, she has established a close and trusting relationship with our author, therefore allowing for the very best content and an altogether rich, intimate read. Added to which, Jennifer’s skills as an editor have proven invaluable in navigating a complex structural approach. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her on future projects."

Zoe Berville, Commissioning Editor

“Jennifer’s feedback and collaboration on supporting a debut author on our list has been paramount to bringing the book together. She worked closely to support and nurture the author’s writing style, and provided detailed, thoughtful and incisive notes to make the proposal the best it could be. I can’t think of anyone better suited to take on the project, and Jennifer’s consideration and care in understanding the story and respecting the author’s wishes were second to none. She is an incredible editor and one I would recommend highly.”

Mireille Harper, Commissioning Editor

“Jenni is everything I could ask for in a writing coach: skilful with structure and storytelling, caring and considerate with her feedback. She brings so much experience and perspective to the work, and her calming, thoughtful energy gave me a lot of confidence. Trying to write a book (or anything you want others to read) is hard, especially if you're new to it, and Jenni's support and faith got me through to the first full draft. Thank you Jenni for being such a great partner!"

Nina Alexandersen, Sustainability & Social Impact Advisor 

"I wasn’t too sure what to expect from a writing coach and where I lacked the confidence to put pen to paper, I was worried the feedback could make matters worse. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Jennifer’s feedback was always very clear, constructive, non-judgemental, and always very motivating. We had several discussions over the phone where she created tailored tasks to develop either my story or my writing skills. Jennifer has not only helped me with my writing, but also helped me to grow as a storyteller and reader with her intelligent and insightful comments. I am forever so grateful for all her support. If it wasn’t for Jennifer, I wouldn’t have a manuscript. She has made my dream come true."


Mel Sevinc

"I didn't know what to expect from a partnership with a professional reader. What I found with Jennifer was someone who worked with me to draw out my best creative writing and to help me push away from lazy plot lines. She came to the work with a unique skill set of compassion, empathy and professionalism and met me where I was: nervous, self-doubting and suffering quite badly from Imposter syndrome. She was attuned to the genre I was grappling with and what I adore most about Jennifer is her ability to help keep my manuscript authentic to where I was coming from. She is a gifted editor in this sense. She challenges the work and encourages the work in equal measure and without her guidance I would never have gotten to a good first draft because it is all too easy to give up and put the writing away and never finish the project."


Christine de Leon

"As a newcomer to the writing process, the feedback of Jennifer’s has been insightful, intelligent and encouraging; she is very attuned to a writer's needs, and can respond with appropriate assertiveness and truthfulness that is always helpful and respectful. She delivers her assessments in a measured and articulate way, which purposefully does not stifle creativity with personal tastes and viewpoints. The quality of my writing has increased exponentially, both in practical and stylistic terms, and I am in no doubt that this is due to Jennifer's constructive input."

Fiongal Greenlaw, Founder of the Wellness Foundry 

"Jennifer's input has enabled me to develop my writing in a much more focused way. She is able to quickly identify what the work needs to achieve its full potential and develops tailored exercises, which have already triggered so many ideas. Jennifer's structured approach has allowed me to really explore my writing abilities and think much more creatively about what I am trying to convey."

Alicia Mietus, Winner of the QMUL Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2019 Fiction 

"I'm sort of blown away by this process already. I feel both a tremendous amount of gratitude and a healthy dose of overwhelm (in the inspiring way) to get the story to a place ready for public eyes. Jennifer's kind and encouraging words as an editor will stay with me, as well as her care and expertise. She picked out exactly the spots that felt weakest to me as well, and put words to why, and suggested ways forward - which I am eager to get to."


Oliver Slate-Greene

"I have worked with Jennifer on two books over a period of about two years. Her feedback as an editor is gentle but firm, intelligent, and insightful. Particularly good on structure and pace, she is always clear-sighted and her approach always constructive." 

Sam Angus, Bestselling Children's Author 

"Jennifer's feedback without a doubt has been the best thing that's ever happened to this book proposal and my writing in general. I cannot put into words how helpful it was - honestly the most amazing edits and thoughts on how to strengthen the concept and structure. I think her thoughtful feedback and honesty on the edits has made the biggest difference to the way I see the book and my work."

Bre Graham, Author of Table for Two 

"Jennifer’s feedback has been invaluable to me. Her honest, critical, nurturing approach has often helped me push my writing in the right direction. If it wasn’t for Jennifer’s guidance, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to submit one of my stronger stories into a competition."

Zara Miller, Bristol Prize 2016 Shortlisted Nominee

"I came across Jennifer Obidike through Spread the Word and it has been a real pleasure working with her. Her feedback has been rigorous, detailed, thoughtful, intelligent and insightful. I appreciate her talent for distilling issues and being able to get to the heart of the story. I would recommend her editorial and coaching services to any writer who is serious about developing their craft with the support of a gifted editor."

Osob Dahir, Winner of the City Lit Malorie Blackman Scholarship for 'Unheard Voices' 2019 & Penguin WriteNow 2020 writer

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